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How An Identity and Access Management Program Saved a Retailer $100k+ In Fraud Annually

Gartner estimates that 63% of all IAM products will be thrown out in the next two years as the ‘requirements have changed’ since the date of original purchase. The challenge for new and existing IAM programs is to establish and maintain a strong justification for the program’s continued existence.  One retail client recognized this potential risk to their IAM program and took a novel approach to clearly illustrating the benefits of an IAM program.

IAM market consolidation looms in 2017

Our fifteen-year legacy of organizations implementing the relevant regulatory standards and still suffering cyber security breaches has led forward-thinking organizations to focus on risk management rather than compliance for compliance’s sake.

@Pebble is Shutting Down. Can They Take Two-Factor Authentication for #Cybersecurity With Them?

However, the biggest utility for my Pebble was two-factor authentication from my bank. My bank has had a somewhat tortured Consumer Identity and Access Management rollout over the years. They initially had single-factor authentication – a username and password. They briefly flirted with pictures, until they realized the Internet has an insatiable love of cats. They then deployed Knowledge-Based Authentication, safe in the knowledge that no-one would post their first spouse’s name, the name of their elementary school, and their favorite band on Facebook. Thus, they reluctantly deployed SMS-based two-factor authentication.