Kayne McGladrey has earned an award-winning reputation in senior management roles: Business Driver, Engagement Manager, Team Builder and Servant Leader. He is recognized for profitably managing new business development, market penetration, multi-engagement oversight and synergistic integrations. His strong background encompasses hands-on knowledge of business dynamics, operational savvy and technology acumen in support of technology investment, software engineering and project accountability.

Some of Kayne’s most important talents lie in facilitating large-scale transitions, delivering enterprise applications, optimizing matrixed organizations and quickly resolving difficult situations with the right people and processes. He smoothly forms and empowers top performers to achieve project requirements, control costs and exploit new business opportunities with deep focus, total commitment and operational savvy. These and other skills have regularly earned him positive feedback and intense loyalty from executive management, direct reports and business unit leaders.

Central to Kayne’s award-winning reputation have been several core competencies – executing transformative programs, coordinating strategic alliances and  piloting multiple programs to completion. This has given him executive depth and deep confidence to address system challenges, maximize productivity, control expenses and compete in high-tech markets. He is well known for closely collaborating with different departments to drive enterprise-wide business plans and roll out a wide range of professional services and emerging technologies in a timely fashion.

Currently, Kayne is the Director of Security and IT with Pensar Development, based in Seattle, WA, where is responsible for leading a team charged with defending and deterring cyber threats. His present position continues to give him the chance to develop and deploy critical cybersecurity programs . Kayne also deploys a full range of social media resources to support marketing efforts . 

Previously, Kayne held progressively higher leadership positions in professional services management, systems engineering, solutions delivery, program implementation and large-scale budgeting with Integral Partners, Centrify Corporation, AT&T Wireless and other high-tech firms in the US and Canada. He built and led multi-functional teams through practice startup, sales support and IT operations. Kayne acquired and deployed expertise in creating value propositions, developing better procedures, expanding overall performance and piloting detailed strategic roadmaps.

Throughout his successful career, Kayne always focuses on providing optimal enterprise solutions, delivering peak quality and performing all tasks with deep integrity. Top executives, management peers, direct staff and industry thought leaders consistently appreciate his exceptional creativity, business savvy, technology acumen and mentoring abilities in producing sustainable business growth.  

Kayne also served as Chairman of the eight-person Executive Board with the 5th Legislative District, representing 300,000 voters in Washington State between 2004-2006; also set up brand-new technology office from scratch.