Manage Your Professional Services Firm to Grow and Compete More Efficiently

For senior consultants, the path to promotion and becoming a professional services manager is the next logical progression: not only for career advancement, but also a better work-life balance. 

Not only can promotion give you a $25,000 salary increase without changing employers: it also results in as much as 50% less travel. 

If the glitz and glamour of travel has been superseded by a world-worn weariness at the endless corridors of airports, hotel lobbies and office buildings, specialized training for the next step is vital for your own happiness just as much as it is your career.


Despite this, the path upwards is not clear, with two of the better routes centering around options that are not ideal:  
•    An expensive, several-year MBA that still doesn’t quite cover managing professional services organizations in-depth—while giving you a qualification shared by thousands of your peers
•    Attending Harvard Business School for a $14,000, one-week intensive Professional Business Management course in Boston, Massachusetts. 

While these are traditional options, they are not ideal, requiring significant time, location and financial expenses that may not be desirable at this stage of your career.


Introducing a new way to achieve your career and life goals:
Professional Services Management Training from Kayne McGladrey

This course is a world-first: a dedicated professional services manager course with a dedicated focus on management—this exclusivity of focus is designed to strip away the redundant training that comes with other options, such as the MBA:
•    Eight one-hour long modules covering the fundamentals of professional services management, each with exercises to evaluate progress and understanding of the topics covered
•    Topics include areas such as estimates, engagement scheduling and KPIs
•    Available to watch online on all internet web browsers, Android tablets and Apple iPads
•    Downloadable hands-on labs for Windows and Mac
•    A final, one-hour long assessment exam with a passing mark of 80%

It’s like David Maister’s classic adapted as a master’s class.”’
“The frameworks and lessons are equally useful for firms large and small.
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If you are ready to start your training and advance your career towards becoming a successful professional services manager, while enjoying the benefits of a more settled life-work balance, I encourage you to sign up for a free trial. 

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  • This is lifetime access to the full first module
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