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The buyer’s guide for onsite vs. offsite professional services

Attitudes towards remote professional services engagements have changed as technologies have improved to encompass screen sharing, audio, and video. However, there is a persistent myth from the Marissa Mayer school of management theory that work can only happen when people are physically together. This article explores where many common types of professional services can be delivered.

Repeat after me: setting schedule expectations with clients

Very efficient sales teams use the availability of senior consultants to drive deals to closure.   As part of the sales cycle, they ask the client the date of when the project must be finished.  You should subtract the project duration, and then another four to six weeks.   The resulting date is when the client must complete their purchase without risking their schedule.

Answering the most common question asked of Professional Services Managers

Professional Services Managers handle assigning consultants to projects. As a result, one of the most familiar internal emails and questions we receive from sales teams is, "when's the next time a consultant is available?" It is possible to see this request multiple times a week at the start of a quarter, and multiple times an hour towards the end of the quarter. Regardless of the structure of your Professional Services Organization, answering the same question for different people repeatedly throughout the day is entirely avoidable.

I've been transitioning some of the operational parts of the business to our team lead. This has given me reason to review the tools I use to manage the Professional Services organization. There's one tool that I use above all others - something I pick up many times in the same hour even when I'm not in the office.

Scheduling new Professional Services engagements is a major area of focus for an effective Professional Services Manager. Consultants don’t typically like extended downtime between customers, and customers rarely want to wait for their engagement to start. I’ve stripped the scheduling process to the bare minimum, which is a stark contrast to how I’ve seen other Services Managers historically conduct this job function.