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Seven ways to fail your first consulting interview

Interviews are inherently challenging and stressful for candidates, and everyone makes mistakes during an interview. Avoiding these seven common mistakes does not guarantee that a candidate will not advance to the second interview at a consulting firm; however, candidates who commit multiple of these (particularly concurrently) won’t be asked back.

A recruiter can ruin your Professional Services firm’s reputation with a single email

Very few firms audit the outbound communications of their recruiters. Similarly, very few recruiters offer to allow their clients access to those outbound communications. This has greater potential for reputational damage than an errant sales person harassing a single customer, as that would affect just a single client relationship. In this case, a recruiter that makes your firm look incompetent can dissuade an entire category of skilled professionals from ever wanting to work there, or to recommend that company to a colleague. 

In the Hot Seat: A Proven Strategy for Evaluating a Job Applicant's Presentation Skills

We ask professional services personnel to perform a broad spectrum of tasks, regardless of their written job description. It is an essential skill to deliver a successful presentation, whether to a small working group, boardroom or an auditorium. As a hiring manager, you may have asked questions about applicants' presentation skills and techniques. You may even have gone so far as to ask for them to make a presentation to you and a colleague as part of the hiring process. In doing so, you may confirm that they can stand upright, narrate bullet points clearly, and advance slides on time.

Recruiting is one of the continuing responsibilities for me at work. Lately, I’ve been looking into expanding into new markets of candidates outside of the smart people that I know on LinkedIn. I support two Air Force veterans and a former SEAL on my team, although that’s not a population I’ve specifically recruited.